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“Making art is casting a spell”

Monica Bodirsky - @monicabodirsky

My name is Dorothée and I am the founder of Mauvaise Sorcière.

I am committed to ensuring that people find their way by provoking encounters, by making them work together, by involving them in projects that are sometimes a little crazy, by making them (re)discover their own magic and dare to be .

In a few words: witch, certified reiki practitioner, numerologist (Tibet), Oracle shooter, stone collector, author, singer, hippie, rock and roller, feminist, wild cat, urban, freshwater sailor (list not exhaustive).


I've already done a lot in my life and I hope it's not over yet! I was a concert and national radio programmer, jeans seller, fries seller, hostess, nightclub mascot, cat sitter, bartender, DJ, muse, co-founder of the feminist collective " Weak Flesh" to promote women's work, gala singer, bottle-feeder of monkeys, bad dancer, assert, nurse, business manager, clumsy, unfair, friend, lover, sister, daughter, woman, lover, devoted, soul sister, critical, funny, not funny, charismatic, mentalist, fortune teller, tired, tiring, mother-in-law, widow, sad to death, magician, betrayed, happy.

I have always had a privileged relationship with anything close to esotericism. Already, I was raised by a mother who played the pendulum and a father who drew cards. When I was little, I had a tendency to "hear voices" which led to me being (rather quickly) diagnosed as a "problem child". I was made to take anxiolytics at a very young age (this is the time who wanted that) and I was put in the "weird kid" box. In the end, I was made to stop the treatment and I was able to resume the life of a normal little girl who just liked to open up to the world around him. Later, as a teenager, I liked to think I was a witch - not really knowing what that meant. So, with my BBF, we tried lots of things. All this stopped in my twenties with the parties and taking multiple chemical drugs.

This constant party degenerated a little and I became a poly-drug addict, thus blocking my natural relationship with the world and with myself.

It took quite a few years for me to get out of it but now I'm blowing out the candles of the 10 years of my total cessation.

These last few years have been very complicated for me: over the past 6 years, I have gotten lost quite a bit, and searched quite a bit. I gained weight, I made bad choices, bad encounters, I betrayed myself, I accepted a lot of bullshit from myself and from others.

But, some time ago, I finally (re)found myself.

It didn't happen straight away: it started with a very violent family ordeal, health concerns, then the loss of my main income, a story of a global pandemic, an obligation to stay indoors and a drink in a bar .

One day, I saw a dear friend again who gave me my Tibetan numerology. And I admit that it blew my mind. From there, I understood a lot of things about myself, about my way of functioning, about that of others towards me.

And this friend didn't just do that for me: he also trained me in this science.

As a result, I, who had always drawn cards "for fun", began to do so again, to open my intuition, to let myself be guided by my oracles.

What followed was an encounter with stones and their therapeutic power and other things too.

Since then, I have never stopped learning, living, feeling.

I finally understood that I had to accept who I was, in every way: in my femininity, my appearance, my personality. I have (re)connected to my intuition, I trust my little inner voice more and more, I accept (very slowly) to fall away from layers and layers of superficiality, of stories that I told myself, of bullshit, social and external pressure.

Quietly, I let my heart take its place and I agree to no longer follow my head all the time and above all... my ego (uh, that still happens to me really often, eh!)



As I have always written, sung and acted, I also use my intuition more and more in my creations and I try to help people in this direction.

In the end, I am a very simple girl who ended up accepting being an assertive witch and a caring human. I try to be authentic in my daily life, to celebrate my small victories, but also my trials and learnings. .

I'm not perfect, I'm still studying and progressing in my practices and I intend to do it for the rest of my life, which I hope is long (because, damn, there are things to see and experience !).

With Bad Witch, what I want is to help people believe in themselves and their magic, by regaining possession of their natural and non-destructive power, by understanding their potential, by making them realize how perfect they are, by helping them to hear and listen to their intuition.

All in gentleness, not necessarily in folklore (which can sometimes be a little scary) and for everyone: all genders and all sexes, defined or not, wishing it or not, in the greatest freedom and truth possible, with lots and lots of love and a good dose of rock and roll!

Thank you very much for being here. I hope you find what you need.

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