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These workshops will help you discover yourself by bringing a little magic into your life.


Free workshop: Learn to draw cards

This workshop is free and takes place once a month. It will allow you, for 1 hour, to learn how to familiarize yourself with card drawing.

Workshop creating your oracle

It is a fabulous ancestral tool that allows you to know yourself better and shed light on your life path. During this workshop, I suggest you create your own oracle. For 3 months, every Monday, we meet to build it together. It’s a creative and intuitive moment.
By video

La peinture à l'aquarelle
pleine lune

Moon Rituals Workshop

Moon rituals create a magical time in your life.
Whether it is the new moon and its field of “everything is possible” or the full moon and its gratitudes, it marks a temporality necessary for a fulfilled life, in harmony.
every 15 days, find the rituals by video.

Creative writing workshop

Writing has wonderful virtues: it allows you to become aware of the thoughts that occupy your mind and to initiate something very powerful within you. Little by little, you wake up, you will look inside for who you really are. I offer support over a week, by video, in a group, during which you will be guided step by step in your inner dialogue.
The next sessions will take place in December.

Registrations will be open within 3 weeks.

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