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DIGITAL: the roads of oneself


Digital self-writing course:

You will receive every week

A writing exercise

A personal development exercise

Group coaching on Zoom to discuss your progress.

Every 15 days:

An exclusive podcast

You will also have access to a discussion forum.

Every week:

A call to take stock.

Start of the writing module: September 20, 2021

End date of the internship: October 7, 2021

Several rates: payable in one or more installments.

€200: reduced rate

250 €: normal price

Please contact us for special rates via

the contact page

Or this email address:

The course is limited to 8 people.

Depending on your possibilities and desires, let's discuss it!

SEPTEMBER 20 , 2021  

Self-writing was a form of literary revolution.

The habit of third-person narratives, where we have a narrator outside the story, is being disrupted.

Indeed, autobiographical, autofiction and even diary authors have seen an increase over time in terms of literature. The “he” gave way to the “I” and the stories became more and more personal.

Indeed, the authors of self-writing told their own story by placing themselves as the central character of what they were telling; whether around real or even fictitious facts. It is now even more possible to share one's emotions, one's mental and psychological states around self-writing.

We can also notice that self-writing always stages, or at least must make the choice of staging, two so-called “psychic” positions, attesting to an identity (saying who I am) or testifying to an alteration ( say what I am prevented from being).

An idea of telling the pros and cons, the positive or the negative, the truth or the lie. Self-writing is a kind of interior excavation of the character/author. He may feel liberated to write where he is free to write.

To read: The autobiographical ordeal: when self-writing invents us

At a time when we are constantly offering our privacy as pasture on social networks, where our points of reference have been undermined, where we find ourselves searching for the meaning of things, it is time to take a moment to take the necessary perspective .

With MoKoWi, we wanted to offer a warm, supportive and motivating solution despite the distances. This is how the digital self-writing course was born.

Over 7 weeks, you will have access to exclusive content that will help you greatly improve both your writing and yourself.

You can follow this training from where you are, via your computer.

We want to ensure that we have constant meetings, but you will still be able to watch the different modules in replay.


Typical one week program :


A self-writing exercise


A personal development exercise


Personalized coaching


2-hour group coaching on zoom to discuss

of your progress

Every other week :

Friday :

An exclusive podcast

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