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About The Créarty Family

“A creative life is a wonderful life that takes you on a unique and transcendent path”

The Créarty Family is a space that was created to facilitate the exploration of your creativity to allow you to become a fuller and more integrated version of yourself.

We strongly believe in the ability of art to make life better.

Artistic expression allows us to know and understand ourselves better, to evolve, to help us heal, and to discover our inner treasures.

We use conscious creative practices, psychospirituality and psychocreativity.

We invite you to meet your sacred spaces by exploring and experimenting with your creativity through workshops, retreats, podcasts, individual support and business coaching... while adding a hint of magic!

We wish you a wonderful journey of self-discovery exploring and experimenting with your creativity.

A word from our founder

Dot Pierson

Multidisciplinary artist (singing, writing, theater) - Currently training as an art therapist

Certified coach in creativity and transpersonal psychology,

Facilitator, Podcaster and Artistic Director

I believe deeply in the importance of creativity in the world.

I like to encourage people in the development of theirs because I am convinced that what results from this is essential and can create internal and external revolutions.

So, I speak to them, I write to them, I sing to them so that they hear it in the way that seems most right to them.

I also offer them retreats, support, podcasts, training or any other form that can raise awareness to challenge them, encourage them to realize their dreams and become a more complete version of themselves. themselves. I therefore invite them to find their inner magic which is revealed when we channel our creative energy to give life to something new, unique, and potentially transformative.

Creating “The Créarty Family” was obvious the day I finally understood that the world needed all of our art.


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