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My journal

There is no ideal way to practice journaling. Some will tell you to do your pages in the morning, others in the evening or even at both times daily. Personally, I indulge in it whenever I feel like it during the day. Sometimes I don't feel like it when I wake up and I'm not yet a complete fan of the “miracle morning”... I prefer to vegetate a little rather than write. So I wait for the urge to strike me and it often comes much quicker than I think.

There is only one rule to remember: that of regularity. No matter the time of day: you have to write every day.

You will therefore find one page 1 page per day to complete for 21 days, whenever you want.

My creative notebook of daily happiness

Journaling will boost your creativity and inspiration in general.
No matter how you practice it, journaling is about self-awareness.

It's like a self-research project: you observe your actions and feelings to know and understand yourself better.

Every day, you will have a nice affirmation to make and some exercises to do to amplify your inner creative light.

We offer you a one-week notebook to fill out. Let's go !

Challenge: 7 days to write

From today and every day for 7 days, The Créarty Family offers you writing games to develop your creativity.
The idea is to cover many writing issues: the beginning of the novel, the atmosphere, the description, the feeling, the emotions, the characters, the dialogues...

The playful side is an excellent way to work on and improve your writing and creativity without stressful challenges.
And then writing every day immensely promotes your learning of writing and acquires the discipline of a writer.

SO ? Ready?

Don't hesitate to download this free content

Creative vision board

You are what you think: your mind always believes what you tell yourself. This is why it is important to feed him with positive and stimulating thoughts. A good way to shape your mind is to create a vision board with all your intentions and the things you want to focus on. The things we want to achieve and see happen. It is used to manifest our desires to the extent that visualization is a very powerful mental exercise. The law of attraction is based on the hypothesis that you attract events, circumstances and opportunities through your mind. The purpose of a vision board is to encourage us to plan ahead. Passing every day in front of a painting that brings together all our desires will stimulate our mind. When you visualize yourself experiencing a dream, your brain prepares you for this reality. The mind is reality — so think about what you want to be to attract it.


My creative and spiritual journal

The idea for this creative and spiritual journal came to us after seeing the importance of caring support.
So, we imagined this journal as an everyday object that will help you, over the course of a year, to organize yourself but also to inspire you, to learn and to reconnect with your creative power.
You can use it as a weekly planner but also as a diary or as an additional resource in the quest for your potential and your creativity.

Why did you separate the year into weeks rather than days?
Because being so disciplined on a daily basis is not so easy. So, you can imagine this as weekly meetings with yourself.
We wish you a wonderful year that we are happy to spend, a little, in your company!

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