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Remotely or in person, we offer meetings that are both supportive and flexible to undertake and maintain your creative practice, support you in your personal development and in the promotion of your well-being, your quality of life, your physical health. and mental and your social capital.


Our contemporary lifestyle has a tendency to push us to our limits and drain us of our vital energy. We sometimes feel tired, even exhausted. As if emptied of our initial resources. In these specific cases, we have various recourses to find the smile and the energy that allows us to move forward again. Among the solutions you could consider is energy healing. Dorothée invites you to boost your creativity and your life thanks to energy.


In Paris intra muros and Bordeaux center in office or at home .

Remotely by phone or zoom.


In office: €80 1h30

At home: €100 1h30

Le soin énergétique va permettre d’entamer un processus d’écoute de soi. Le soin énergétique permet en effet d’aborder diverses thématiques :

  • Accepter de ressentir les émotions et les vivre sans réserve, en pleine conscience ;

  • Améliorer la confiance en soi ;

  • De la même manière, augmenter l’estime de soi ;

  • Stopper les pensées négatives ;

  • Transformer les croyances limitantes (schémas de pensées qui empêchent d’agir) en croyances aidantes ;

  • Comprendre les schémas répétitifs de la vie et les arrêter 

  • Diminuer le stress chronique ou les pics de stress ponctuels ;

  • S’autoriser un moment de détente et de relaxation 

  • Toucher du doigt le fameux lâcher prise dont il est souvent question dans notre société contemporaine ;

  • Traiter des phobies plus ou moins anciennes et profondes.

  • Ouvrir sa créativité


Art therapy is a mode of care that uses artistic creation to enhance the resources and potential of people experiencing psychological, physical or social challenges.

Art therapy helps develop expression, communication and relationship skills. It tends to strengthen well-being in everyday life and promotes good health.

Art therapy relies on the creative process. It uses imagination, experience, creativity and relationships with the world to strengthen self-esteem, improve self-confidence and assert oneself as an autonomous subject.

Art therapy can also be used in a process of self-knowledge and then become a means of creative expression, energizing and inspiring in everyday life.

No artistic knowledge is required because art therapy does not have an aesthetic but a health objective.


In Paris intra muros and Bordeaux center in office or at home .

Remotely by phone or zoom.


In office: €60 1 hour

At home: €80 1 hour

FOR WHOM: Children, adolescents, adults, couples, families

  • wishing to express oneself other than through words

  • suffering from chronic illnesses, benign conditions or disabilities

  • suffering from old or current trauma and life accidents

  • suffering from depression, isolation and exclusion

  • in withdrawal or feeling of personal, professional or social failure

  • victims of sexual violence and all forms of abuse

  • suffering from learning, behavioral or conduct disorders

  • wishing to develop their uniqueness

A first meeting allows us to get to know each other and define your needs and intentions.

Then, I validate with you a protocol and an artistic project (number of sessions, frequency, medium).

I will accompany you throughout the session.

At the end of each session, we set aside time to discuss your feelings.

I am bound by an obligation of confidentiality.

Depending on the project, sessions can take place outdoors (parks, museums, exhibitions, etc.)

All equipment is provided at no extra charge.

You can come

  • on medical, paramedical, medico-social indication or guidance

  • of yourself

Sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance are due.

I can review solutions with you to address specific financial situations.



Your companion

Dot Pierson

Multidisciplinary artist, accompanist and energetician, I suggest that we travel together the path towards your creative awakening. Without showing off or window dressing, my workshops and treatments are invitations that bring you back to the heart of yourself. It's the place to let your happy rebel express and play, basically free. My approach combines creativity, positive psychology, mindfulness and energy to allow you to create a life in your image, a life richer and full of meaning.

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